Reviews from our Guests

Christopher Littlefield - Training Consultant
"Perfect! As a consultant running training programs there is no more beautiful location in Lebanon to host a large group than Pineland. The facilities are great and the property is spectacular. Other than the gorgeous views my favorite part of Pineland was the staff. Not only did they provide amazing service they went above and beyond to contribute to our program. I think the staff was as excited to be a part of our event as we where and that was a huge part of our events success! I highly recommend Pineland!"

Sami El-Jerby - Guest
Most fascinating wilderness escape in the region. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Lebanon and spent great time at the Pineland resort. It was one of a kind experience on many fronts. The resort is family owned and managed, the concept of true hospitality never felt more profound. I stayed in a cave overseeing the mountains and surrounding valleys, the scenery was breath taking. Stayed up till 4 am staring at the surrounding lights on top of the mountains as if they were dispersed pearls in the dark horizon. Listening to crickets and coyotes at night gave my experience more depth of the wilderness. Pine trees are spread all over the resort, aside from their beauty, pine trees produces s so much oxygen it helped me sleep better at night, and fall into deep sleep which I have not experienced in years. I recommended this resort to my close friends and family members, and most definitely I will be going there more frequently.

Our NGO visited Pineland to hold a team retreat -- we needed a secluded space to review all of our policies and procedures in a way that would allow us to focus on the work at hand. The Pineland staff were friendly and helpful, and the service was impeccable. Our rooms were clean and comfortable and the meeting space was well organized with beautiful views of the surrounding valley. A great location.

Bachir and Joelle Khalil - Guests
It was the most wonderful experience at Pineland where you can spend your time peacefully like you are in heaven away from beyrouth and please note that you have nice staff always smiling, good service and also the activities that you have are the best in the world and trust me the words are not enough to describe your wonderful land and I am going to visit you again in the winter to try the cave thank you all and wish you the best.